HR-DAY Kammer Russland in St. Petersburg

The Russian-German WTP HR-DAY event took place on March 26. Konsu sponsored the event. Ekaterina Zelenina, General Director of Konsu, made a welcoming speech. Anna Reznikova, Head of Konsu's Labor and Migration Law Practice, spoke on the topic "Judicial practice in labor disputes" (Download presentation (PDF, RU)).Read more

The Rules for sending an accident report in electronic format to an authorized State labor authority and for employers to send information on compulsory employee accident insurance came into force

The employer is obliged to send information about the accident in electronic format in the form of a labor-related accident report through the information portal "Electronic Labor Exchange"
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Rostrud: the amount of advance payment is not set at the discretion of the employer

Rostrud clarified whether an employer has the right to set the amount of an advance payment at its discretion, for example 50% of the amount of the salary.
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Mitigation of liability for foreign citizens for administrative violations

Since 05.01.2024, changes have been introduced to the Administrative Offenses Code of the Russian Federation regarding the responsibility of foreign citizens by Federal Law of 25.12.2023 No. 649-FZ. Additionally, amendments have been made regarding the duration of the detention of foreigners in special institutions during the administrative expulsion procedure from the Russian Federation.Read more

Commercial secret

I. Definition

Current legislation defines a trade secret as a regime of confidentiality of information that allows its owner, under existing or possible circumstances, to increase income, avoid unjustified expenses, maintain a position in the market for goods, works, services or obtain other commercial benefit[1]. Read more

Increased salary requirements for foreign hqs employees en konsu

Increased salary requirements for foreign HQS employees from 01.03.2024

From March 1, 2024, the salary of a foreign highly qualified specialist will have to be paid at least RUB 750,000 per quarter (at least RUB 250,000 per month).
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Legal support of employee dismissal: analysis and finalization of documents, consultations and negotiations


Russian company. Activities:

  • Construction of residential and non-residential buildings
  • Activities related to the use of computer equipment and information technologies
  • Consulting on commercial and management issues


Labor law services:

  • Dismissal of an employee due to failure to pass the probationary period for reasons of improper performance of labor tasks
  • Analysis of documents, minimization of risk for the client in case of protection of rights in court in case of dismissed employee's appeal to the court
  • Preparation of relevant documents and recommendations, negotiations for successful implementation of the dismissal case and mitigation of adverse consequences for the company

Work stages

  • Analyzing existing client documents for a specific employee
  • Recommendations on finalizing the necessary forms
  • Development of a complete set of documents to be delivered to the employee, taking into account the deadlines for dismissal under this procedure
  • Negotiating with the client, explaining the terms and conditions of the dismissal, and the latter when appealing the dismissal procedure

Result: after preparation and delivery of all necessary documents to the employee, the employee decides to terminate the employment relationship on his/her own initiative, without resorting to dismissal on the employer’s initiative due to failure to pass the trial period.