The Russian-German WTP HR-DAY event took place on March 26. Konsu sponsored the event. Ekaterina Zelenina, General Director of Konsu, made a welcoming speech. Anna Reznikova, Head of Konsu’s Labor and Migration Law Practice, spoke on the topic “Judicial practice in labor disputes” (Download presentation (PDF, RU)).

We express our gratitude to the participants and speakers of HR-DAY for a qualitatively organized and useful event.


00:00 Beginning
1:01 Conclusions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation in 2023
1:25 Interest for late payment of wages and other amounts due to an employee
2:20 Disciplinary action is not a reason to reduce or cancel a bonus for a year
3:05 What employers need to consider
4:09 Payment of severance payments (“golden parachutes”) in case of dismissal by agreement of the parties
5:50 Payment for overtime work
6:55 Court practice: protecting the interests of employees. The employee is a weak party, so the courts more often take his side
8:39 Dismissal of an employee for failure to fulfill duties in the presence of disciplinary penalties
11:11 Draft laws in the field of labor law: the term of appeal to the court may be increased to 2 months, bonuses for employees
12:09 Fixed-term labor contracts cannot be concluded with heads of separate subdivisions and branches
13:05 Answers to questions
13:23 Can fixed-term contracts be executed for maternity rates?
14:37 Termination of labor contracts by agreement of the parties. Are employee reductions by agreement of the parties often challenged?