From March 1, 2024, the salary of a foreign highly qualified specialist will have to be paid at least RUB 750,000 per quarter (at least RUB 250,000 per month).

The amount of salary in the new statutory minimum will be taken into account when accepting notifications on fulfillment by employers and customers of works (services) of obligations to pay salary (remuneration) to a foreign citizen (stateless person) – HQS already for the 1st quarter of 2024! Thus, we recommend to adjust the salary/remuneration of HQS from 01.01.2024 by making appropriate amendments to the labor/civil contract with them.

Despite the increase in salary and consequent increase in employer’s expenses due to changes in salary levels there remain advantages of working with such professionals such as:

  • HQS still do not need to pay insurance contributions, except for injury contributions; except for HQS from EAEU countries;
  • HQS work permit is valid for 3 years;
  • an employee can work in different constituent entities of the Russian Federation, not only in the territory of the employer’s constituent entity;
  • HQS can work in any profession, even if it is quota;
  • HQS can apply for a residence permit, and from January 2024, after 2 years of residence under such residence permit, they can apply for an indefinite residence permit.