4 criteria for obtaining a residence permit in Russia for foreign investors

As we previously mentioned in our article about changes in Russian migration legislation, starting from January 11, 2023, one of the grounds for issuing a residence permit without obtaining a temporary residence permit (RVP) to a foreign citizen and his/her family members is his/her investment in Russia according to certain criteria established by the Government of Russia.Read more

Immunization of foreign workers against measles

Legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, and citizens are obliged to comply with the requirements of sanitary legislation, as well as with the provisions and orders of officials exercising federal state sanitary and epidemiological supervision (Article 11 of the Law No. 52-FZ "On the sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population" of March 30, 1999).

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Cancelation of employment contract with foreign employee (highly qualified specialist). Risks for employers

After having gone through almost the entire procedure for hiring foreign employees with the status of highly qualified specialist (including entering into an employment contract after receipt of a work permit for the highly qualified specialist being hired), the parties sometimes change their mind or the employee stops contacting the employer. In such case, the employer should cancel the employment contract, but this entails certain risks. In this article, we describe how to cancel employment contracts and avoid risks as well as heavy fines.
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Quotas for foreign employees in Russia – Procedure and Deadlines

In order to protect their domestic labor market, many countries – Russia included – set quotas for hiring foreign employees. Companies must therefore obtain an authorization from the state to hire foreign nationals who need a visa to work in Russia.
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The requirements for obtaining tourist visa have been en konsu o

The requirements for obtaining a tourist visa have been simplified for citizens of 19 countries

Starting from March 06, 2023, amendments have been made to the law that expand the possibility of obtaining an ordinary tourist visa in Russia for foreign citizens based on confirmation of a reservation in a hotel or other accommodation facility included in the unified list of classified hotels, ski resorts, beaches, for citizens of foreign countries, the list of which is determined by the Government of the Russian Federation.
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Latest amendments fingerprinting and photography for en konsu ou

Latest amendments on fingerprinting and photography for diplomatic staff

On 10.01.2023, the list of states whose diplomatic heads (officials, employees, family members) are not fingerprinted and photographed in the Russian Federation on the basis of the principle of reciprocity has been changed. The list is established by Order of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation No. 23817 dated 29.11.2021.Read more

Procedure for providing medical documents the migration en konsu

Procedure for providing medical documents to the migration department of the Ministry of Interior by foreign citizens temporarily staying in the Russian Federation

In accordance with the amendments [1] made on July 2022 to the Federal Law “On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation” concerning medical examination of certain categories of foreign citizens, the Ministry of Internal Affairs approved the organization of work and a new Procedure for providing foreign citizens [2] with medical documents to the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or organizations authorized by it - Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs No. 775 dated 21 October 2022.  The updated procedure came into effect from 12.11.2022.

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Review of amendments to Federal Law 115-FZ On the Legal Status of Foreign Nationals in the Russian Federation

Amendments to Federal Law N 115-FZ On the Legal Status of Foreign Nationals in the Russian Federation have been reviewed.Read more

Entry to the Russian Federation for UEFA EURO-2020

The European Football Championship UEFA EURO 2020 will take place from June 11 to July 11, 2021. Our lawyers explain how foreign championship participants, fans, journalists, and bloggers should register their entry and stay in the Russian Federation, as well as additional COVID-19 requirements.Read more

Conditions for hiring foreign students have been simplified

Amendments to Federal Law On the Legal Status of Foreign Nationals in the Russian Federation will be effective from August 05, 2020.Read more