Russian company. Activities:

  • Construction of residential and non-residential buildings
  • Activities related to the use of computer equipment and information technologies
  • Consulting on commercial and management issues


Labor law services:

  • Dismissal of an employee due to failure to pass the probationary period for reasons of improper performance of labor tasks
  • Analysis of documents, minimization of risk for the client in case of protection of rights in court in case of dismissed employee's appeal to the court
  • Preparation of relevant documents and recommendations, negotiations for successful implementation of the dismissal case and mitigation of adverse consequences for the company

Work stages

  • Analyzing existing client documents for a specific employee
  • Recommendations on finalizing the necessary forms
  • Development of a complete set of documents to be delivered to the employee, taking into account the deadlines for dismissal under this procedure
  • Negotiating with the client, explaining the terms and conditions of the dismissal, and the latter when appealing the dismissal procedure

Result: after preparation and delivery of all necessary documents to the employee, the employee decides to terminate the employment relationship on his/her own initiative, without resorting to dismissal on the employer’s initiative due to failure to pass the trial period.