Audit of IT landscape and business systems


Activity: one of the world's largest suppliers of household chemicals and personal care products. The business is conducted through distribution companies.


Conduct an audit of IT infrastructure and business processes.

Work stages

An audit has been conducted:

  • the current structure and configuration of the IT landscape for compliance with fault tolerance, security, and efficiency criteria
  • end to end transactional business process to confirm a sufficient level of control and data traceability
  • business processes related to finalization of applied IT systems
  • the process of making changes to databases, sufficiency of control;
  • the process of data logging and archiving, its compliance with the customer's requirements
  • the process of reporting to the customer on the results of the distributor's activities


  • Identified critical deviations in several processes
  • Recommendations for improving the IT landscape were offered
  • The company’s IT structure and processes were assessed using COBIT methodology
  • A comparative analysis with assessments of similar companies in the industry was carried out

Lead time from audit plan to report is 1.5 months.

Konsu uses Softline Multicloud platform to develop its business

Softline, (Softline PJSC), a leading provider of solutions and services in the field of digital transformation and information security, developing a comprehensive portfolio of its own products and services, helps Konsu to develop its own IT products. Konsu moved to Softline's cloud several years ago.
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IT infrastructure in Kazakhstan | Cloud-based 1C administration and support


Date & Time

November 28

  • 15:00 - 16:00 (Almaty)
  • 12:00 - 13:00 (MSK)







Event orginizer

Speakers & Topics

Konsu alexander moskaltsov head of it infrastructure management

Alexander Moskaltsov

Head of IT-infrastructure

Organization of IT infrastructure in Kazakhstan

Features of organizing local IT infrastructure in Kazakhstan

  • IT solutions in the office
  • Services, contractors – what should you pay attention to?

Cloud services. Where will we place the IT solution – in the cloud or at home?

  • Cloud services market in Kazakhstan
  • 1C solutions, placement options
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Konsu sergey shabotinsky business analyst development manager

Sergey Shabotinsky

Development Manager, Business Analyst

Development and support of 1C in cloud services

Main features of using 1C products in Kazakhstan

  • Main 1C products, their features and capabilities
  • Organization of the IT landscape with the participation of 1C
  • Customization for client’s business processes
  • Examples of projects
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Localization of IT infrastructure: advantages, disadvantages, nuances and possible risks

In this article we will consider key aspects of IT infrastructure localization, including migration of components, services, nuances of using Russian software, risks and examples of import substitution.
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Risks of acquisition and use of databases containing personal data of potential customers

It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to consider using databases of potential customers in their commercial activities. There are many different offers on the market to buy and sell databases of personal data, but when buying them, it is worth considering the legislation on personal data and its application to the buyer of such data. Let us consider the main problems that a buyer of personal data bases may face.
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Benefits for buyers of Russian software

Many companies operating in our country are considering the possibility of transitioning to Russian software. Such concern is due to the need to ensure uninterrupted work, as some software providers have already left the Russian market, working with many others is difficult, and the future of using foreign software is increasingly uncertain.Read more

Participation the conference business relocation en konsu outsou

Participation in the conference "Business Relocation" organized by the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce

Alexander Moskaltsov, Head of IT Infrastructure at Konsu, spoke at the AHK Russland conference "Business relocation" organized as part of the AHK Business-Update project. The topic of his presentation was "Office in Kazakhstan: IT Aspects of Service Migration." Alexander shared Konsu's experience in starting operations in Kazakhstan, covering the following points:
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Transition from jira ticket management service the local en kons

Transition from Jira ticket management service to the local alternative – Planfix

Company Konsu used the Jira ticket management system, but in 2022 was forced to quickly find and implement a replacement due to the cessation of service. In our article, we talk about the selection process and the results of the replacement.
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Transfer and centralization of accounting from 1C:Accounting & Axapta into 1C:ERP


  • Production of building materials and metal products
  • Primary ERP - Axapta
  • Accounting in 1C:Accounting software


Switching from Axapta to 1C:ERP, data transfer from  1C:Accounting into 1C:ERP, moving all 1C databases to Konsu's cloud, tech support.

  • Implementation period - 4 months

Implementation stages

  • Export of data from Axapta in .xls format in the context of analytics
  • Adaptation of the data transfer system to the existing templates
  • Uploading to new 1C:ERP and combining data from directories and balances from two sources: 1C:Accounting and Axapta.
  • Analysis of business processes and adaptation of 1C:ERP for the processes
  • Consultations and trainings for the employees of the client

Upgrade from 1cmanagement manufacturing enterprises ru konsu out

Upgrade from 1C:Enterprise to 1С:Comprehensive Automation. Change of 1C version, update of integrations, adjustment of IFRS modules


  • Wholesale company
  • Accounting in 1C:Management of production companies
  • Over 100 users

Implementation stages

  • Analysis of business processes;
  • Formulation of requirements;
  • Development of more than 200 automations including integration with Internet portals of buyers and a warehouse contractor;
  • The transition is implemented with balances from January 01, as well as with the transfer of outstanding orders according to the documents.