Softline, (Softline PJSC), a leading provider of solutions and services in the field of digital transformation and information security, developing a comprehensive portfolio of its own products and services, helps Konsu to develop its own IT products. Konsu moved to Softline’s cloud several years ago.
Having evaluated the advantages of working with cloud services and convinced of the high performance and security of Softline’s platform, Konsu decided to become a member of the provider’s partner program and now provides its clients with business consulting services and outsourcing of accounting functions on the Softline Multicloud platform. This allows the company to easily scale resources, quickly launch new projects and at the same time be confident in the high quality of technical support from Softline Group.

Konsu was founded in 1989 in Finland. The company started operations in Russia in 1992 and was one of the first to support the activities of international companies in Russia and the CIS. Today, Konsu is one of the leading providers of consulting services in Russia and the CIS, and holds leading positions in rating agencies in Russia. The company is constantly working to expand its range of services and has been providing IT services for several years.

At a certain point in its development, the company faced a shortage of physical facilities and sufficient IT staff. The growing number of customers demanded a quick response to their requests. Thus, Konsu faced a choice – either invest in new server equipment to create a virtual environment in-house, or organize a hybrid cloud based on the capacities of cloud providers. In the case of a hybrid cloud, the company received a fault-tolerant infrastructure with flexible scalability. This option also freed the client from the need to create jobs for new IT professionals who were required to maintain the hardware. All of these factors prompted Konsu to begin selecting a provider. As a result, Softline Group’s cloud platform was chosen for service migration, as it met the client’s high performance and SLA (Service Level Agreement) requirements. For about 15 years Softline Group has been helping businesses to optimize their IT infrastructure with the help of cloud services.

The migration of a part of Konsu infrastructure to Softline’s cloud took 1.5 months and included several stages. At the preparatory stage, Softline specialists analyzed and inventoried the existing services, and drew up a migration plan taking into account the interconnection of critical services. Softline team also organized network connectivity of the sites involved in the migration with the data center. Then the main client and related services were migrated. As a result of the project, all the main productive services from three client sites (in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Finland) were transferred to the data center of Softline Group of Companies. At the same time, it was decided to keep some of the auxiliary services at Konsu’s physical sites.

“Our cooperation with Konsu started with a project to organize a flexible cloud infrastructure. Thus, the client was able to run high-load projects without having to attract additional resources and capital investments for hardware-based maintenance and management. In addition, we also developed our cloud platform in accordance with the client’s high requirements, optimized it for multitenancy mode, and took into account the specifics of the client’s DBMS. Now Konsu, as a participant of the partner program, has its own manager who identifies customer needs in time and provides proactive support. We are happy to see how our cooperation is developing: together with Konsu we organize marketing events. At the same time, our partner offers more and more Softline services to optimize business processes of its clients related to 1C operation. We, in our turn, promote our partner’s services using our own tools. As a result, participation in Softline’s program allows Konsu to significantly expand its business opportunities,” says Mikhail Volkov, an expert in cloud services development at Softline.

“We have been using Softline Group’s cloud services for a long time. This allows us to meet international requirements to infrastructure security, which is also important for our large customers. By placing the Konsu cloud services platform in Softline Multicloud, we have solved a number of tasks at once. Migration to the cloud provided us with maximum flexibility to quickly react to changing conditions – now we can quickly launch new projects and scale resources for current ones. In addition, we highly appreciated the quality technical support of Softline team, the use of standard settings and configurations, as well as convenient administration and upgrades. And after our company started to participate in the Softline partner program, we started to get additional benefits from the development of our own IT products. In the person of Softline Group we have found both a reliable supplier and a partner in business promotion and scaling”, – says Givi Enukidze, Konsu Customer Service Director.