Konsu has opened an office in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Expanding its presence in the CIS, Konsu has opened a new office (Konsu LLP) in Almaty, Kazakhstan.Read more

Konsu is back in Russia

Dear Clients, Business Partners, and Friends,

Accountor Russia LLC was acquired on April 1, 2022 by two experienced Finnish businessmen who previously held senior management positions at the company. As initially announced, rebranding and name change has gone hand in hand with this change of company ownership, and it is now time to reveal the company’s new name: Konsu.Read more

Konsu supports "Podari.Life" foundation

This year our group of companies decided to support before the holidays charitable foundations helping serious ill children in its 7 countries of presence.

In Russia, we decided to support the Gift of Life/Podari Zhin foundation like we did in 2019.

The Foundation does a lot of work helping children with blood diseases, cancer, and other serious illnesses by contributing to the purchase of medicines, campaigning for donations and volunteerism, providing transportation, and supporting rehabilitation. The Foundation also develops system projects, holds various events, and puts forward legislative initiatives.

We are happy to have been able to help the Foundation fulfill its mission.

Konsu secures its services and the data of customers (vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 in the library Apache Log4j)

At Konsu, the security of personal and other customer data is our primary priority. Due to a global data security vulnerability (log4j vulnerability CVE-2021-44228), we have taken measures to secure all customer data.

None of Konsu’s or our customers data has been compromised. Konsu invests in data security and our observation capabilities are in line with good practice.

The services that were temporarily closed as a precaution have been updated and restored to normal use. Konsu's information security experts will continue to monitor the matter closely and take the necessary countermeasures.

This vulnerability affects millions of companies around the globe. To ensure the best data security, always update the systems your company uses to the latest version. If you know that your company uses services that are affected by the vulnerability, please ensure from the vendor that they are updated.

See more information, for example on Finland’s National Cyber Security Centre’s alert.

Konsu supports osoboe detstvo center for curative pedagogy

Konsu supports Osoboe Detstvo Center for Curative Pedagogy

Every year we continue to support charitable organizations. Last year, we supported Podari Zhizn Foundation in Russia, and this year, we voted to support foundations that help people with mental health problems. In Russia, we chose to support Osoboe Detstvo Center for Curative Pedagogy.Read more

How konsu works the week march april en konsu outsourcing consul

How Konsu works on the week 14 (March 30 - April 3)

Dear Clients,

Next week has been declared a paid non-working week.

We inform you that our offices will be closed for receipt of correspondence and our employees will remain at home, but we will continue to look after you without changing our work schedule despite these challenging times.

We will do our utmost to fulfill our obligations:

  • We will submit reporting, including corporate reports to founders;
  • We will pay salaries to your employees;
  • We will continue performing banking and all necessary operations.

Circumstances beyond our control may unfortunately arise in the current situation. For example, we do not know how banks and state authorities will operate, so we hope for your understanding and cooperation if such circumstances arise.

Please note that on March 27 we will attend to salary and tax transfer, so all other tasks will be performed only if possible.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with your contact person at Konsu.

We always look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s stay home whilst keeping in touch even in the current situation. Take care!

Stay safe,
Konsu Team

Ekaterina Zelenina
Givi Enukidze
Director Customer Service

Konsu supported "Podari.Life" foundation

We decided this year to support pediatric cancer foundations in all 7 countries where we operate.
In Russia, we support Podari.Life foundation.

This organization does a great job helping children with hematological, oncological and other serious illnesses. The foundation helps buying medicines, collects donations, recruits volunteers, provides aftercare, transport, etc.

We are very pleased to be able to help this foundation in fulfilling such an important mission!

To open the page of the action launched by the foundation called The Value of Money (Smysl deneg), please click on the link. This page shows how the foundation spends the donated money and allows making a donation if you feel so inclined.

Ekaterina Zelenina is new CEO of Konsu

We are glad to inform you that Ekaterina Zelenina is appointed as new CEO of Konsu. Ekaterina has been a member of top management for the past 14 years, recently working as Director of financial management services. With an extensive experience in finance, audit, business process management, HR development and client relations management, Ekaterina is a perfect fit for this position. The previous director will continue working for in the group as CEO in Norway.

“I am looking forward to continuing the excellent path Timo has built for us. With my wonderful colleagues we are very well prepared to continue the success story of Konsu and our clients”, believes Ekaterina.

Ekaterina Zelenina