Activity: one of the world's largest suppliers of household chemicals and personal care products. The business is conducted through distribution companies.


Conduct an audit of IT infrastructure and business processes.

Work stages

An audit has been conducted:
  • the current structure and configuration of the IT landscape for compliance with fault tolerance, security, and efficiency criteria
  • end to end transactional business process to confirm a sufficient level of control and data traceability
  • business processes related to finalization of applied IT systems
  • the process of making changes to databases, sufficiency of control;
  • the process of data logging and archiving, its compliance with the customer's requirements
  • the process of reporting to the customer on the results of the distributor's activities


  • Identified critical deviations in several processes
  • Recommendations for improving the IT landscape were offered
  • The company’s IT structure and processes were assessed using COBIT methodology
  • A comparative analysis with assessments of similar companies in the industry was carried out

Lead time from audit plan to report is 1.5 months.