Many companies operating in our country are considering the possibility of transitioning to Russian software. Such concern is due to the need to ensure uninterrupted work, as some software providers have already left the Russian market, working with many others is difficult, and the future of using foreign software is increasingly uncertain.

To further motivate companies to use domestic software, tax incentives for profit tax were announced in March. Specifically, when purchasing domestic software, companies will be able to increase expenses for tax calculation by one and a half times the actual expenses for the purchase. That is, increase actual tax expenses, thereby reducing profit tax.

Since this is only a draft law, it is not yet known what requirements will be imposed on new software for the possibility of applying such a benefit. However, we can assume that the new support measure will apply to solutions from the existing register of domestic software of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media. This registry was originally developed to support Russian software developers.

However, the inevitable question arises – which domestic software products can be contenders for replacing foreign ones? Let’s consider some examples in the main areas of software application:

ERP systems

1C is undoubtedly a leader in the Russian market. This product is actively developing taking into account the latest global trends. The main advantages of 1C compared to foreign systems are: user orientation, relative cheapness, regular updates, including for the actualization of the legislative base. We discussed in more detail the transition from foreign ERP to 1C in one of our presentations.

Turbo ERP is a fast-developing Russian ERP platform designed for medium and large businesses. It has a similar functionality to foreign ERP systems, namely including many optional modules that can be flexibly configured with the help of support specialists.

Office Applications

My Office and R7-Office are equivalents of MS Office and are actively being implemented and used in the public sector, which ensures the need for continuous product development. The developers also do not forget about the development of their cloud products, the absence of which was a disadvantage just yesterday, and today allows them to compete with market giants.

Operating Systems

Astra Linux is a platform developed based on the open-source Linux OS. Although the transition in this area of software is probably the most painful for companies, Astra Linux offers a sufficiently workable product in contrast to the ubiquitous use of MC Windows. The platform will inevitably continue to evolve, as it is already used in many government structures or in companies related to the government. And over the past year, it has been actively entering the commercial market. Plus, every day you can see more and more application software adapted for Linux.


Kaspersky is an undisputed leader in the field of security not only in the Russian market but also worldwide. Kaspersky offers many solutions for network security, as well as for protecting workstations, infrastructure, and data.

Dr. Web is another popular product worldwide that specializes primarily in network security and infrastructure protection.

CRM Systems

Bitrix 24, Megaplan, and ELMA are separate ecosystems for businesses that allow them to solve various issues of process automation and communication within companies. In particular, each of the systems has implemented CRM blocks that many companies have been using for several years.

AmoCRM is a small CRM for micro and small businesses, freelancers, and startups. All the functionality of the service is aimed specifically at organizing the sales department.

Our review was quite brief and based only on the products listed in the registry of domestic software of the Ministry of Digital Development. We assume that in the future, we can expect new developments, as well as the development of the functionality of existing products, which will allow us to sufficiently meet the needs of businesses operating in Russia.