Foreign citizens working on the basis of a patent are obliged to notify the Ministry of Internal Affairs of their labor activity

Since April 1, 2024, the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region has started the procedure of revoking the patents of migrants who arrived in the region at the beginning of the year and never found a job.Read more

The law on raising the threshold of amounts for economic crimes has been published

Federal Law N 79-FZ dated 06.04.2024 amends the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation concerning the indexation of thresholds of damage amounts for tax and other economic crimes.Read more

New FAS 4/2023 "Accounting (Financial) Statements" has been approved

The Ministry of Finance has approved Federal Accounting Standards 4/2023 "Accounting (Financial) Reporting". It will replace PBU 4/99 and Order No. 66n. The new FAS shall be applied starting from the reporting for 2025. It will not be adopted ahead of schedule.Read more

The list of expensive cars for the purposes of calculating transport tax with account taken of an increased coefficient has been updated

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation has posted on its website a list of cars for which transport tax must be paid in 2024 taking into account an increasing coefficient.Read more

Amendments were made to the model contracts for exploration and production of mineral resources

The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan made amendments to the model contracts? Which come into force from April 7, 2024:Read more

The list of offshore zones for the purposes of banking and insurance activities and organizations engaged in microfinance activities has changed

Resolution of the Board of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Regulation and Development of Financial Market of March 29, 2024 № 18 made changes to the resolution of the Board of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Regulation and Development of Financial Market of February 24, 2020 № 8 Read more

The duty-free import threshold has returned to its previous level from April 1, 2024

Decision No. 94 of the EEC Council of September 27, 2023 on the increased threshold of duty-free importation of goods for personal use expired and from April 1, 2024 the duty-free threshold returned to its previous level:
Read more

Rules for determining and publishing the value of digital assets and the list of their types have been approved

To determine the value of digital assets, the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan (SRC MF RK) uses information posted on the CoinMarketCup Internet resource.Read more

The Federal Tax Service has developed new forms of documents for filing and considering taxpayer complaints

The Federal Tax Service of Russia has drafted a draft order establishing forms of documents (complaints, appeals, petitions and other documents) necessary for the submission and consideration of taxpayers' complaintsRead more

Increases by 2 times the norms of organizations' expenses for the payment of compensation for the use of employees' personal transport for business trips

Decree No. 417 of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 3, 2024 changed the norms of expenses for compensations to employees of organizations for the use of personal transport for official purposes.
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