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Transition from SAP to 1C:Accounting within 1 month: unloading, adaptation, loading, reconciliation


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Transfer of book-keeping and tax accounting data from SAP to 1C:Accounting

  • Period: 1 month
  • Volume: over 500 operations per month

Implementation stages

  • Unloading data from SAP in the context of analysis by accounts in .xls format
  • Development of standard templates for loading into 1C:Accounting
  • Adaptation of the data transfer system to the developed templates
  • Formation of loading files based on the developed templates
  • Loading of data in the context of accounts and accounts analyses into 1C:Accounting
  • Downloading of directories: contractors, nomenclature, fixed assets, etc.
  • Reconciliation of migration results with SAP data

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Webinar – 1C in Softline Cloud

We took part in a webinar organized by our partners from Softline, where Valeria Shevchenko, Director of IT-Solutions at Konsu, presented about our experience of using Softline Cloud solutions for optimization of our 1C infrastructure which allowed us to create scalable and reliable services for the clients of Konsu.
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Konsu secures its services and the data of customers (vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 in the library Apache Log4j)

At Konsu, the security of personal and other customer data is our primary priority. Due to a global data security vulnerability (log4j vulnerability CVE-2021-44228), we have taken measures to secure all customer data.

None of Konsu’s or our customers data has been compromised. Konsu invests in data security and our observation capabilities are in line with good practice.

The services that were temporarily closed as a precaution have been updated and restored to normal use. Konsu's information security experts will continue to monitor the matter closely and take the necessary countermeasures.

This vulnerability affects millions of companies around the globe. To ensure the best data security, always update the systems your company uses to the latest version. If you know that your company uses services that are affected by the vulnerability, please ensure from the vendor that they are updated.

See more information, for example on Finland’s National Cyber Security Centre’s alert.