Stet Rus contacted Konsu in 2017 immediately after the opening of our company’s Russian division. Konsu has been efficiently providing us with accounting, payroll and HR recordkeeping services ever since. We have also requested Konsu’s assistance numerous times in connection with taxation and legislation issues.

Konsu specialists have proven to be professionals with great expertise, able to quickly respond to queries and offer customized solutions. We therefore look forward to continuing working together and are pleased to recommend Konsu to our partners as an experienced and competent company, able to advise and support foreign businesses in Russia.

Sergey Voychik
General director

About STET Rus

STET Rus was founded in 2017, as a 100% daughter of STET Holland B.V. – leading international company in seed potatoes.

STET Rus is active in all segments of the potato market. Together with partners in the processing industry, they produce and sell excellent varieties for crispy crisps and french fries.