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Stet Rus contacted Konsu in 2017 immediately after the opening of our company’s Russian division. Konsu has been efficiently providing us with accounting, payroll and HR recordkeeping services ever since. We have also requested Konsu's assistance numerous times in connection with taxation and legislation issues.

Konsu specialists have proven to be professionals with great expertise, able to quickly respond to queries and offer customized solutions. We therefore look forward to continuing working together and are pleased to recommend Konsu to our partners as an experienced and competent company, able to advise and support foreign businesses in Russia.

Sergey Voychik
General director

About STET Rus

STET Rus was founded in 2017, as a 100% daughter of STET Holland B.V. - leading international company in seed potatoes.

STET Rus is active in all segments of the potato market. Together with partners in the processing industry, they produce and sell excellent varieties for crispy crisps and french fries.

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Nordic Council of Ministers

Nordic Council of Ministers

Nordic Council of Ministers Information office in St. Petersburg has been working with Konsu since 2004. The company Konsu provided with audit services as well as legal and tax consultations.

We express our full gratitude to Nordic Advisors, which is a part of Konsu, for particular flexibility when it comes to the timeframe agreements and scrupulous and in-depth analysis in concern to the variety of the office activities.

Nordic Advisors has been Information office’s auditor for many years conducting audit at both our offices in St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad. The auditors promptly responded to any complex and contentious issues when they arise. The Nordic Advisors recommendations were always useful and relevant, and the audit reports were in compliance with the Russian accounting standards.

The Nordic Advisors not only audited the office, but had also been consulting the Nordic Council of Ministers Information office project managers and advisers, who had questions on proper reporting while meeting with partners and undertaking negotiations with the Nordic and Russian stakeholders on overall project management.

Nordic Advisors had been asked as well to ensure that the accounting was in accordance with the standards of the Nordic Council of Ministers, and the company conclusions and judgements were fully satisfactory for the headquarters. The company had been involved in the control of maintaining accurate and up to date records from the Russian bookkeeping system as well as over the development and run of the Microsoft Business Solutions Navision system in application to the office activities. Assurance of the proper run and use of the various software applications helped the office in fulfilment of the local and international requirements.

Possessing an ability to handle confidential information, Nordic Advisors responsibly performed their work in а sensitive and tactful manner, which was of high importance for both the Information office and project partners.

Given our long-standing positive experience we are pleased to recommend Nordic Advisors and Konsu at large as а true partner capable of providing quality services to companies operating at international level.

About Nordic Council of Ministers

The Nordic Council of Ministers is the official body for inter-governmental co-operation in the Nordic Region. The Prime Ministers’ vision is that the Nordic region will become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. The co-operation in the Nordic Council of Ministers must serve this purpose.

KONSU - Our clients - HZPC Sadokas

HZPC Sadokas

HZPC Sadokas

HZPC Sadokas has been working with Konsu since 2010. We have experienced together periods of growth as well as "periods of financial difficulties which required difficult management decisions and throughout Konsu has been a reliable partner fulfilling its obligations in a timely and efficient manner.

Konsu provides us with accounting, payroll and HR record keeping services and does so to the highest standards. It also provides us with tax and legal advice as well as transfer pricing support

We look forward to many more years of fruitful cooperation and are happy to recommend Konsu to our partners as a trustworthy company"

Galyna Peiponen-Tiainen
Financial Manager
HZPC Sadokas

About HZPC

Founded in 1898 and rooted in The Netherlands, HZPC has grown to become global market leader in seed potato trading, innovative breeding and concept development.

We offers innovative potato varieties that are optimized for local growing conditions. They share knowledge and serve solutions. With around 400 employees across 19 countries, and exports to over 90 countries, HZPC contributes to the availability of responsible food for the well-being of millions of people worldwide.

KONSU - Our clients - HL Display

HL Display

HL Display

"HL Display has been working with Konsu since August 2018, and even over this is short period the company has already demonstrated a high standard of professionalism.

Konsu provides us with accounting and payroll services as well as legal advice and IT support. The company’s specialists present high quality services in a timely manner, so we do not need to worry about accounting and documents.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Konsu for having developed a solution for uploading data from our warehouse program to 1C. This has allowed us minimizing errors and keeping accurate records of goods.

We look forward to further working together."

Barys Rasinski
General Director
HL Display

About HL Display

HL Display is a global supplier of products and solutions that create a better shopping experience.

From store communication, merchandising and secondary displays to bespoke design and services, we are experts in improving the shopping experience whilst increasing cost efficiency and maintaining environmental sustainability.

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"After Konsu acted as agent to register Fosun Eurasia in Russia in 2015, we concluded a services contract for ongoing business support services in accounting, tax, payroll and HR recordkeeping services. In our experience, Konsu has provided us highly skilled professionals who are consistent in providing detailed and accurate advice and who have successfully assisted us for more than four years now.

Given our positive experience with Konsu, I can recommend them as a responsible and professional business partner."

Tanya Landwehr
General Director
Fosun Eurasia Capital LLC

About Fosun

Fosun Eurasia is an investment advisory boutique focusing on the markets of Russia and the former Soviet Union as well as neighbouring regions in North Africa and MENA.

The company works to assess high quality investment opportunities across all sectors including natural resources, consumer goods, manufacturing, high tech, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, real estate and others.

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"Reliability has been of utmost importance to us in our Russian business and Konsu has been a reliable partner for us".

About Skaala

Skaala is a renowned pioneer regarding energy efficient door and window solutions. We have brought the market most energy efficient door and window collections, which make it possible to achieve significant savings in the energy consumption in the home.

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ADB Safegate

ADB Safegate

"ADB Safegate Russia would like to thank Konsu for providing us with excellent accounting, legal and migration support services. The documentation provided by the company is not only in compliance with the requirements of the Russian law but is also prepared efficiently and on time.

We would also like to note the great professionalism, competence and friendliness of Konsu staff in Russia in general and of our key account manager Elena Kulikova in particular. Elena always responds promtly, gives detailed advice on all issues and finds original solutions.

We are pleased to recommend Konsu as a partner who is able to provide comprehensive business support!"

Kari Virtanen
General Director
ADB Safegate Russia

About ADB Safegate

ADB SAFEGATE is a leading provider of solutions that boost efficiency, improve safety, raise environmental sustainability and reduce operational costs for airports and airlines worldwide. With intelligent solutions spanning the airside for gate, airfield, tower and service, the company partners with airports and airlines worldwide to increase airport performance, from approach to departure.

KONSU client



One of the largest suppliers of door opening solutions, has recently become our client, and the transition from their previous accounting provider went so smoothly that their group-level managers did not even notice that they had changed provider.

Matti Heikkilä, General Director, Abloy Russia:

For us it was a bit of a pressure because we have ongoing operation, weekly deliveries from Finland and deliveries somewhere throughout Russia and operation is continuing.

Changing accounting HR & payroll service provider it is always a risk and that how we also considered it. And that’s the reason why we made a very good and thorough planning how to do it so there would be no stops in the processes. That was very-very critical because in our case we are a part of an international group. For us one of the major-major points and things was that our international group reporting would not be delayed because of the transition period.

IFRS reporting standards and deadlines are very strict. In international group where over 250 companies  are reporting at the same time to the same base delays are not allowed, there are no excuses whatsoever.

But at the end of the day because of the well-planned transition it worked well.

To be honest if I didn’t tell back at home that we were changing our service provider they wouldn’t have noticed.

KONSU client

Under Armour

Oleg Tsai (CEO of Under Armour in Russia and CIS) spoke about our services in Russia at TaXmas-2020:

“We first started using the accounting services offered by Konsu to handle our reporting and tax issues. Then, as our relationship evolved, the scope of the areas in which we cooperated grew. We listened to all the recommendations that Konsu gave us in 2020, and this helped us get through this tough period of quarantine with fewer losses. We still use their accounting services. Konsu does our tax reporting and represents our interests in tax offices. Given that Konsu is a tax accounting expert, they also help us to adapt the contractual terms with our counterparties when we negotiate contracts, and this allows us to prevent problems with accounting and taxes. Konsu also provided us with HR services, and they completed these tasks brilliantly. Anything that is related to running a company can be assigned to our friends at Konsu, and they will handle everything superbly.”

KONSU client


About the company

YIT is the largest construction company in Finland and a major player in Northern Europe. The company specializes in developing and building apartments, business premises as well as major infrastructure.

YIT is present in 11 countries (Finland, Russia, Scandinavian and Baltic countries, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland) and has been operating for more than 50 years in Russia where it is the largest foreign company in the residential construction sector. The group units operate in 7 regions: Moscow, Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Rostov-on-Don, and Kazan.

From September 01, 2018 Konsu provided YIT with payroll services for over 1,300 people they employ in Russia.

Management commentary

Timo Matinpalo, Konsu General Director, commented:

“It is great to further deepen the cooperation between two major Finnish companies, both very experienced and committed to staying in the Russian market. We are very pleased to see that businesses can experience the advantages of outsourcing, both when the market is booming but also during more challenging times. Drawing from over 25 years of presence in Russia, Konsu will take good care of YIT and, no doubt, make it another satisfied customer.”

Teemu Helppolainen, Head of Housing Russia, YIT also commented:

“Specific services outsourcing like payroll is a good way to be more efficient. Due to our strategy we implement smart ways of working in our daily activities and rely on professionals where it is applicable. We are glad to have Konsu as our business partner and feel confident about the smooth cooperation in future”.