One of the largest suppliers of door opening solutions, has recently become our client, and the transition from their previous accounting provider went so smoothly that their group-level managers did not even notice that they had changed provider.

Matti Heikkilä, General Director, Abloy Russia:

For us it was a bit of a pressure because we have ongoing operation, weekly deliveries from Finland and deliveries somewhere throughout Russia and operation is continuing.

Changing accounting HR & payroll service provider it is always a risk and that how we also considered it. And that’s the reason why we made a very good and thorough planning how to do it so there would be no stops in the processes. That was very-very critical because in our case we are a part of an international group. For us one of the major-major points and things was that our international group reporting would not be delayed because of the transition period.

IFRS reporting standards and deadlines are very strict. In international group where over 250 companies  are reporting at the same time to the same base delays are not allowed, there are no excuses whatsoever.

But at the end of the day because of the well-planned transition it worked well.

To be honest if I didn’t tell back at home that we were changing our service provider they wouldn’t have noticed.