According to information from the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, an online service for checking information on foreign citizens subject to a ban on entry into the Russian Federation is in operation.

The check is carried out by providing personal data of a foreign citizen and will allow to identify the presence of restrictions in case they exist in the database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Depending on the specific circumstances and grounds for the restriction, the relevant decisions are taken not only in respect of persons staying in Russia, but also those who have left its borders (for example, violation of the terms of stay in previous periods of stay; forced removal from the territory of Russia in connection with the execution of decisions on administrative expulsion, deportation, readmission).

An exhaustive list of grounds for these restrictions is set forth in Articles 25.10, 26 and 27 of Federal Law No. 114-FZ of August 15, 1996 “On the Procedure for Departure from the Russian Federation and Entry into the Russian Federation”.

Therefore, it is recommended to check the restrictions before entering the Russian Federation or before issuing authorization documents for foreign citizens, including employment.

To check whether there are grounds for not allowing foreign citizens and stateless persons to enter the territory of the Russian Federation according to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, please click here: Checking restrictions on entry to the Russian Federation