Federal Law No. 553-FZ dated December 30, 2020 requires that all mobile users be identified. This law entered into force on June 1, 2021.
Government Decree No. 844 dated May 31, 2021 requires organizations and individual entrepreneurs to provide mobile operators with information about users and equipment using corporate SIM cards.

This information is to be submitted through the public services portal either by users or employers provided users approve the information provided for submission in their account on the public services portal.

User details

  • Subscriber number
  • SIM card user data
  • Organization name (or full name of individual entrepreneur)


  • Subscriber number
  • Taxpayer identification number (INN)
  • Name of legal entity/individual entrepreneur (owner of equipment)
  • Equipment address (in case of permanent/immovable installation)
  • Subscriber address (for non-stationary equipment)
  • Operator name and Main State Registration Number (OGRN)
  • Equipment type, name, and identification


The details of new corporate SIM cards obtained after June 1 must be submitted before they start being used . When new SIM cards are used in equipment, this must be done at least three working days prior to use.

Corporate SIM cards in use before June 1 must be reported as follows:

  • By September 1, 2021 March 1 2023 (September 1, 2021 Government decree) – equipment that uses SIM cards;
  • By November 30 – users of corporate SIM cards.

Measures and sanctions

Operators are liable for fines of 2 mln roubles if they continue to serve phone numbers without providing information about their users into the government systems. If user details are not provided, or erroneous details are submitted, the operator will send a notice to the organization or individual entrepreneur. And if the notice remains unanswered, the operator will exclude the number from the contract. In case of change of details, the operator must be notified within three working days of the date of changes.

24.08.2023 RBC: “Roskomnadzor has identified more than 9 million SIM cards with personal data problems … of which 440,000 operators have already clarified data on them. In total, operators have now provided data on 270 million users, which is about 80% of their active subscriber base”.