In accordance with article 25 of Law No. 1032-1 of the Russian Federation of 19 April 1991 “On employment of the population in the Russian Federation”, employers are obliged to submit to the employment service bodies data and information on the employment situation of workers in their organizations.

In order to organize prompt monitoring of the employment of employees of organizations, Order No. 24 of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation of January 26, 2022 was adopted, approving the list of information to be submitted by employers and individual entrepreneurs, including:

  • decision on liquidation of the organization or termination of activities by an individual entrepreneur, reduction of the number or staff of employees of the organization, individual entrepreneur and possible termination of employment contracts;
  • the introduction of a part-time working day (shift) and (or) part-time working week, as well as the suspension of production;
  • application of insolvency proceedings against the employer;
  • the number of employees on temporary remote (remote) work due to the introduction of restrictive measures (quarantine).

This information must be posted on the unified digital platform “Work in Russia” (URS)

In accordance with subparagraph 3.2 of Article 25 of the Law, state authorities of the Russian Federation, state authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local self-government bodies, state and municipal institutions, state and municipal unitary enterprises, legal entities in whose charter capital the Russian Federation, a constituent entity of the Russian Federation or a municipality has an interest, as well as employers with an average number of employees in the preceding calendar year, are required to submit information to the Employment Service through the Unified Center or directly to the Employment Service.

Other employers must submit information through the Unified Center or directly to the employment service bodies in the form of mail with an inventory of attachments or in the form of electronic documents.