Starting from February 21, 2022 it will be possible to issue a certificate of vaccination or transferred Covid-19 on the basis of a positive test for antibodies. According to the order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation from 04.02.2022 № 58n, placed at the official portal of legal information, this certificate with a QR code is issued once and is valid for six months.
A certificate based on the results of the antibody test will be issued after the information is posted on the Public Services Portal within three calendar days of submitting the relevant application. As in the case of obtaining a certificate of vaccination and transferred Covid-19, the document will be available in Russian and English.
The certificate will contain data on the date of the test, the method of testing and the medical organization that performed it; it will also contain the user’s personal number on the Public Services Portal. At the same time, there are no requirements for the level of antibodies – their presence in the body is sufficient.