Large manufacturing company


  • Duration: 2 months
  • Number of employees: >500 people


  • Exchange of payroll reflection in the general ledger between 1C:ZUP 8.3 and SAP FI
  • Bidirectional exchange between 1C:ZUP 8.3 and SAP IM for the transfer of personnel events
  • Synchronization between 1C:ZUP 8.3 and the customer's time tracking system (SURV)
  • Implementation of an analytical report based on SURV data and time tracking records
  • Generation of managerial reports in 1C:ZUP 8.3 according to customer requirements

Our services

Implementation stages

  • Customer requirements gathered
  • Detailed project roadmap formulated
  • Adaptation of 1C:ZUP 8.3 to customer processes completed
  • Data transfer with initial balances at the beginning of the year performed
  • Parallel calculation of payroll for the first three months of the year in the new database completed
  • Registry of identified deviations in SAP generated
  • Transfer of the new database to customer users completed
  • Integrations of 1C:ZUP 8.3 with SAP FI, SAP IM, and SURV configured
  • Analytical reports developed and implemented in 1C:ZUP 8.3.