Activity: supply of products for fast food outlets, rental of equipment for fast food preparation.

Previously used systems: 1C:UPP.

Customer volumes: 100 employees, more than 8,000 documents per month.


  • Migration to the current 1C:CA product from 1C:UPP and setting up integration with 1C Document Management, EDI Contour, 1C:ZUP, customer order processing system, warehouse system of the logistics partner;
  • Waiver of internal IT service;
  • Automate IFRS report generation;
  • Further support of the client's 1C products. Gathering business requirements, development, testing, implementation of 1C enhancements.

Project stages

  • Developed a wizard for transferring balances and actual directories from 1C:UPP to 1C:CA;
  • Analyzed client processes in 1C:UPP, agreed and implemented improvements in 1C:CA, including IFRS report;
  • Reconfigured and automated integrations with 1C Document Management, 1C:ZUP, as well as exchanges with EDI, EDM and client portals;
  • Two-way exchange between 1C:CA and the internal warehouse system of the logistics partner.


  • All client’s operations since the beginning of the year were migrated to the current 1C:CA product without the need to stop daily operational activities of the client;
  • Monthly 1C support services are provided through the ticketing tool system, which eliminated the need to maintain an internal IT service;
  • The IFRS report was automated.