Russian company LLC.

Type of activity: service services on previously supplied equipment.


Brief description of the situation:

  • Irregular submission of expense reports by employees.
  • Errors in expense reports and documents, and signatures are missing.
  • As a result, there are unconfirmed amounts of expenses in the accounting and there are unconfirmed debts of employees to the company.

Required: Reduce the time for submission of expense reports for accounting, reduce the number of errors and absent documents

Work stages

  • Analyzing the situation and document flow, searching for problematic processes.
  • Participation in drafting travel policies.
  • Clarification work, meetings. Familiarization of employees with internal regulations (by signature).
  • Regular mailing with reminders to debtors on expense reports with notification of heads of departments and Director General.
  • Systematized actions on terms of documents processing by accountant and archiver.
  • A new procedure of actions for the archiver and accountant in case of errors was introduced.
  • Memos were made for all participants of the process.

Result: Reduction of expenses not taken into account in the calculation of income tax, reduction of time to reflect in expense report in accounting and appearance of up-to-date information on employee debts.