HR administration services in Kazakhstan

Konsu is one of the leading companies in Kazakhstan, Russia and the CIS providing HR administration services. We provide following HR administration services:

  • Audit of personnel records management, recovery of missing documents
  • Comprehensive outsourcing of personnel documentation management
  • Organizing the processes of personnel document flow from scratch
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Our HR administration services in Kazakhstan

Outsourcing of personnel administration allows for the complete or partial transfer of the management of personnel accounting functions to a specialized outsourcing company. Services can be provided on-site at the client’s office, remotely, or in a hybrid format with an on-site personnel administration specialist.

Our specialists promptly monitor and analyze changes in the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Employees are regularly tested on their knowledge of personnel accounting. Our in-house experts and lawyers at Konsu have extensive experience in legal proceedings and are always ready to assist our specialists in any matters and non-standard situations. We establish personnel accounting in a way that eliminates all possible risks for companies – financial, legal, and reputational. The diverse experience of Konsu employees and their deep knowledge of the specifics of labor legislation in Kazakhstan enable us to defend our clients in any disputed situations.

How we can help:

  1. Process analysis. Studying the organization of the client’s personnel department’s work (if applicable).
  2. Setting up personnel accounting (for startups) or developing proposals for optimizing the current workflow scheme.
  3. Organizing personnel document flow. Developing personnel policies and preparing employment contract texts in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  4. Setting up IT infrastructure. We use an HR portal for managing clients’ personnel accounting.
  5. Maintaining personnel accounting in accordance with the legislation of Kazakhstan and the client’s internal rules.

Ongoing personnel accounting: What’s included in the service

Standard set of personnel accounting services (can be modified based on client’s needs):

  • Preparation of personnel documents: hiring, transfers, changes in employment conditions, dismissals, payment-related documents, vacation and sick leave forms, business trip documents, completion of employment record books, etc., in accordance with the Labor Code of Kazakhstan.
  • Development and modification of job descriptions.
  • Filling out sick leave forms.
  • Processing maternity leave applications and returns.
  • Preparation of payment-related regulations, bonus schemes, internal labor regulations.
  • Maintenance of attendance records, employee files, staffing schedules, timekeeping, vacation schedules, and labor activity reports considering special work conditions.
  • Military service registration, reporting, and interaction with military enlistment offices.
  • Document flow management in compliance with the requirements of labor legislation in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Keeping documents and local regulatory acts up to date with all legislative changes.
  • Development of employment contracts, job descriptions.
  • Preparation of local regulations defining rights and responsibilities of employees and managers.
  • Schedule arrangement for vacations and staffing.
  • Interaction with state labor inspection, employment services, and other government authorities.
  • Internal control for safety and occupational health.
  • Preparation and submission of personnel reports.
  • Work on the portal.

Advantages of outsourcing HR administration

  • Elimination of dependency on specific specialists in the accounting process: our project team always has the ability to involve additional specialists if needed.
  • Process automation based on best practices: we have been providing personnel accounting services for hundreds of companies in Kazakhstan, Russia, and the CIS for over 30 years, constantly improving our business processes.
  • Extensive comprehensive internal control to prevent errors in personnel accounting.
  • We continuously monitor changes in Kazakhstan's legislation, and our project teams promptly incorporate the corresponding changes into their processes, taking into account the specific requirements of each client.
  • Outsourcing personnel records management allows our clients to focus on developing their core business in Kazakhstan.
  • Optimization and flexibility in cost management for personnel accounting processes. We have experience in handling personnel accounting for both small and large organizations. As our clients' businesses grow or shrink, we can easily scale our services to meet their current needs.

What our clients value and appreciate

Full data confidentiality

We comply with all the requirements of local and international personal data regulations. Only the persons authorized by our clients can see the income of our clients’ employees.

Professional liability insurance

Our liability is insured as required for international companies.

Personal manager

Our clients can send any questions to a contact person who is always ready to help. Our managers are fluent in Russian, English, German, Finnish, French and other languages.

Leading positions

Konsu is one of the leading consulting companies in Russia. We have been included in the following ratings of the rating agency Expert RA:

  • Top-10 in accounting outsourcing
  • Top-10 in payroll outsourcing
  • Top-15 in financial consulting
  • Top-15 in legal consulting