The methodology for carrying out special assessment had to be updated in connection with amendments to the law on special assessment of working conditions. What is new: a number of documents on the conduct of special assessment have been updated.

In addition to the methodology, updated:

  1. classifier of harmful and hazardous production factors;
  2. form of the report on special assessment of labor conditions;
  3. instructions for completing the form of the special assessment report.

The new methodology does not provide for any global changes, but only updates the requirements, bringing them in line with the current regulations of Rospotrebnadzor and amendments to Federal Law No. 426-FZ dated 28.12.2013.

In addition, the new methodology establishes the procedure for drawing up a special assessment report. Now it can be prepared both on paper and in the form of an electronic document. The report is signed by all members of the commission and approved by its chairman. An electronic report can be signed with an enhanced qualified electronic signature or an enhanced non-qualified electronic signature.

The updated method comes into force on September 1, 2024 and will be valid for six years – until September 1, 2030.

Document: Order of the Ministry of Labor of 21.11.2023 No. 817n.