We have answered below the questions frequently asked by our current and potential clients that have enquired about accounting services.

How is communication organized? How will switching to outsourcing affect our standard processes?

Communicating with us is no different from communicating with an accounting department and requires no significant process change but, in doing so, our clients get the following additional benefits compared to an internal accounting department:

  • A personal manager for assistance with any questions;
  • Access to tax, law, IT experts and methodologists;
  • Operational continuity. In case of accountant illness, another accountant will be assigned promptly and will always be here to help;
  • Protected communication channels that comply with Russian law and GDPR.

How are functions allocated between clients and Konsu?

The allocation of functions is described at initial meetings with clients and set out in contracts between Konsu and clients. We assign roles in accordance with business processes, internal rules and clients’ global policy.

How are accounting data transferred?

Accounting data are transferred in compliance with the law in the most convenient and safe way for clients. Printed account ledgers are transferred as well as a copy of electronic database, if any. The entire transfer process is documented by transfer-acceptance statements to ensure data safety and confidentiality.

Where will our company’s database be located, and how do we access it?

Databases may be located both on clients’ servers and ours. If they are on our servers, we can set up remote access with different administrator rights and return databases to clients at any time upon request.

Who from Konsu will work with us? Who will be our accountant?

A team responsible for providing uninterrupted accounting services is in charge of each accounting project. This team is selected as per client requirements (qualification, knowledge of certain languages, etc.)

  • Personal manager is responsible for resolving all business issues and promptly responding to client needs;
  • Chief accountant coordinates the accounting process as well as the work to be performed by accountants and assistants;
  • Team manager is responsible for providing adequate resources for accounting projects and methodological support to accountants.

Who is responsible for the correctness of accounting? Who participates in tax audits, clients or Konsu?

We are responsible for the correctness of accounting and timely submission of reporting. Our accountants can also participate in tax audits and liaise with inspection authorities.

How are payments confirmed?

This depends on how roles are allocated (as mentioned above). Clients select someone who will be responsible to provide final confirmation for all payments.

How does Konsu exchange paper documents with clients?

This is discussed at the first meeting with clients during which a schedule for document transfer (car, foot courier, etc.) is drawn up.

Does our CEO have to sign all invoices and papers, or can we use an electronic signature?

Documents can be signed by electronic signature, but many documents must be drawn up in paper with handwritten signature and sealed as prescribed by law.

Can Konsu integrate a group ERP system with 1C?

Yes, we work with many ERP such as, for example, Axapta, SAP, Jeeves, etc., and we can assess whether it is possible to transfer data from any system to 1С. To do so, our experts need to look at the specifications of the client system or get access to it.

We are a new company with no business activity. Do we have to keep accounting and file reporting?

Yes, dormant companies must file reporting. Depending on whether there are no revenues and expenses, or whether payment is made to at least one employee, either zero reporting or other reports must be submitted. For more information about reporting for dormant companies, please see this article.

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