Date & Time

15:00-16:30 MSK






MS Teams

Speakers & Topics

Maria Brychkova

  • Payroll team leader

Payroll settlements with employees. Preparing for annual reporting on personal income tax and contributions. Major changes in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and the Tax Code of the Russian Federation from 2024

Final payroll settlements with employees for 2023

  • Settlements with employees in December. Work during New Year holidays
  • Approval of vacation schedule for 2024
  • Labor relations with mobilized employees and military registration

Preparation for annual reporting on personal income tax and contributions

  • Social payments from December paychecks. Annual social payments for employees in December
  • Reporting to Social Fund of Russia
  • PIT

Major changes to the Labor Code and the Tax Code from 2024

  • Contributions for traumatism. New procedure for confirming OKVED from 2024
  • Unified tax account, personal income tax, insurance contributions
  • Changes in labor relations with foreign workers

Anna Ivchenko

  • Deputy director of the department of accounting services

Preparation for the annual accounts for 2023

  • Practical aspects on application of FAS 25\2018 "Lease Accounting", FAS 6\2020 "Property, Plant and Equipment"
  • Conducting an inventory as part of the 2023 annual closing, taking into account the new FAS 28\2023 "Inventory".
  • Required procedures in 2023 related to the application of the new FAS 14\2022 "Intangible Assets" and 26\2020 "Capital Expenditures".