From 2024, it is possible to receive more personal income tax deductions in a simplified procedure, and the amount of social deductions has also been increased

Currently, a simplified tax deduction is available:

  • on homeownership expenses;
  • mortgage interest expense;
  • in the amount of funds deposited in an individual investment account (IIA).

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Personal income tax on material benefit

There was a moratorium until the end of 2023 - the authorities exempted material benefit from personal income tax for this period (paragraph 90 of Article 217 of the Tax Code).Read more

Payments to foreign remote workers

From 2024, regardless of whether a remote employee located abroad has the status of a tax resident of the Russian Federation or not, his payments will be subject to personal income tax with a tax agent - a domestic employer (or a separate subdivision of a foreign organization registered in Russia) at the following rates:
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Two deadlines for the submission of a notification and payment of personal income tax

From the beginning of 2024, in each month, apart from December, it will be necessary to pay personal income tax twice and submit notifications on it (subparagraphs "b" of paragraph 1 of Article 1, paragraphs 7-9 of Article 2 of the Law of 27.11.2023 No. 539-FZ):
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Changes in Tax & Labor codes 2024 | Annual accounting & payroll closing & reports | Final payroll calculations & payments


Date & Time

15:00-16:30 MSK






MS Teams

Speakers & Topics

Maria Brychkova

  • Payroll team leader

Payroll settlements with employees. Preparing for annual reporting on personal income tax and contributions. Major changes in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and the Tax Code of the Russian Federation from 2024

Final payroll settlements with employees for 2023

  • Settlements with employees in December. Work during New Year holidays
  • Approval of vacation schedule for 2024
  • Labor relations with mobilized employees and military registration

Preparation for annual reporting on personal income tax and contributions

  • Social payments from December paychecks. Annual social payments for employees in December
  • Reporting to Social Fund of Russia
  • PIT

Major changes to the Labor Code and the Tax Code from 2024

  • Contributions for traumatism. New procedure for confirming OKVED from 2024
  • Unified tax account, personal income tax, insurance contributions
  • Changes in labor relations with foreign workers

Anna Ivchenko

  • Deputy director of the department of accounting services

Preparation for the annual accounts for 2023

  • Practical aspects on application of FAS 25\2018 "Lease Accounting", FAS 6\2020 "Property, Plant and Equipment"
  • Conducting an inventory as part of the 2023 annual closing, taking into account the new FAS 28\2023 "Inventory".
  • Required procedures in 2023 related to the application of the new FAS 14\2022 "Intangible Assets" and 26\2020 "Capital Expenditures".

Changes in the Labor Law of the Russian Federation in 2024

Most important changes in labor law which come into force in 2024.

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Changes in personal income taxation of payments to remote workers

Since 01.01.2024, payments when an employee performs labor functions remotely under a contract with an employer that is a Russian organization or with a separate subdivision of a foreign organization registered in the territory of the Russian Federation, is recognized as income from sources in the Russian Federation [1]. Such income is subject to personal income tax at the rate of 13% (15% for payments exceeding 5 million rubles per year).
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The law on taxation of incomes of employees working remotely from abroad has been passed by the State Duma

Employees who work for Russian companies remotely under both labor contracts and civil-law contracts (such as civil-law agreements) will pay a personal income tax (PIT) at a rate of 13% (or 15% for high incomes), regardless of their tax residency.Read more

Features of Calculation and Payment of Personal Income Tax (PIT) from Rental Income for Employees, including Highly Qualified Specialists

1. "Payment of apartment rent for employees, including Highly Qualified Specialists (as well as non-residents), is generally subject to Personal Income Tax (PIT). It is considered as the employee's income in kind (paragraph 1, clause 2, Article 211 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, Letters of the Ministry of Finance of Russia dated January 14, 2019, No. 03-04-06/1153, January 23, 2018, No. 03-04-06/3201, January 12, 2018, No. 03-03-06/1/823, October 3, 2017, No. 03-04-06/64421, December 29, 2016, No. 03-04-05/79264).

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Compilation of important news

1. Starting from May 29, 2023, the inspection will determine the allocation of sums of the unified tax payment based on the taxpayer's total liability recorded on the unified tax account in the following sequence:Read more