Company from the oil sector

  • More than 1000 employees
  • 40+ separate divisions


Quickly accept and implement payroll while you search and recruit full-time professionals to replace departed employees:

  • Full range of payroll services
  • Preparation of reports for state authorities
    • Notifications for tax inspection
    • Annual personal income tax reporting (form 6-NDFL) for the year 2022

Work stages

  • Cases and tasks were transferred in a few days
  • Personal income tax registers for 2022 and 2023 were equalized
  • Auto-fill of 6-NDFL reports has been set up
  • The payroll process has been customized
  • The system of controlling the risks of non-payment of wages in due time has been organized
  • EDMS and information exchange with the SIF (Social Insurance Fund) are set up
  • Prepared and conducted a training seminar for the company's employees on the specifics of personal income tax accounting in 2023 and the formation of 6-NDFL.
  • Developed recommendations on accounting in 1C:ZUP