UK based company. Activities:

  • Recruitment services
  • Manufacture and trade of polymer products


Liquidation of a branch of a foreign company:

  • Termination of accreditation of a foreign company's branch in the Russian Federation based on the foreign company's decision and removal from tax registration
  • Dismissal of branch employees
  • Liquidation reporting, support of tax audit (if initiated by the tax authority)
  • Closing of bank accounts
  • Transfer of relevant documents to the State Archive

Work stages

  • Assisting in passing the check of presence of debts to the budget
  • Coordination of contract settlements and termination notices
  • Preparation of draft documents, such as the company's decision to terminate the branch/representative office, powers of attorney for representatives, sending to the client for signing (drafted in Russian and foreign languages)
  • Dismissal of branch office employees
  • Submission of documents to the authorized tax authority for accreditation of branches of foreign companies
  • Submission of liquidation reports to the tax authority, preparation of responses to tax audit requirements and submission of additional requested documents.
  • Closing of bank accounts, after all debts to suppliers and the budget have been repaid.
  • Receipt of documents on termination of accreditation and deregistration from the authorized tax authority
  • Receipt of documents on deregistration from the SFD
  • Transfer of relevant documents to the State Archive
  • Destruction of the branch seal