Company liquidation in Russia

Legal support of company liquidation

It is almost impossible to liquidate a company in Russia without qualified legal assistance: the number of documents necessary for company liquidation requires full immersion in paperwork, and actions need to be strictly performed to complete liquidation proceedings that can take up months. We offer our full legal support:

  • We participate in negotiations with debtors, creditors, suppliers, customers, employees and shareholders
  • We represent companies before state authorities
  • We prepare corporate and HR documents
  • We keep the company’s accounting during the liquidation process
  • We ensure compliance with currency control
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Company liquidation konsu

Liquidation proceedings

Liquidation proceedings

We provide assistance with liquidation proceedings which consist of 11 main stages. We do most of the work and request our clients to perform as few actions as possible.

  1. Client provides us with necessary documents → Document review
  2. Liaising with the client’s bank
  3. Liaising with tax authorities
  4. Initiating liquidation proceedings → Client signs documents
  5. Submitting documents to the relevant registration authority
  6. Changing bank signature card
  7. Announcing the initiation of liquidation proceedings in official publication
  8. Preparing 2nd set of liquidation documents 2 months after official publication → Client signs documents
  9. Tax check of company
  10. Preparing 3rd set of documents → Client signs documents
  11. Closing bank accounts

Liquidation proceedings take from 6 to 18 months, depending on the circumstances and reasons for liquidation: tax arrears, debts to creditors, lack of activity, legal proceedings against the company, voluntary liquidation.

Leading positions

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