Konsu is one of the largest providers of outsourcing accounting services and consulting in Russia, Kazakhstan, and the CIS.

We administer various versions and databases of 1C for over 200 clients:

  • More than 500 1C databases in active use
  • Average simultaneous load: 200 active sessions
  • Total database volume: 20 TB


Implementation of a high-load, fault-proof 1C SaaS solution to provide access to the 1C product line

Implementation stages

  • Development of the project and implementation of the architecture for the 1C environment, considering the following requirements:
    • High load capacity
    • Large number of databases
    • Ability to quickly deploy additional databases for new clients
    • Ability to rapidly scale services in response to changing needs of current clients
  • Load balancing on the database management system (DBMS) and performance optimization
  • Ensuring fault tolerance and reliable backup solutions.