From January 1, 2024, the minimum wage will change from 70,000 to 80,0000 tenge.

In order to develop the manufacturing industry by the end of the year, the President instructed to develop a comprehensive vision of the industry, including the exemption of foreign and domestic investors from taxes and other mandatory payments for the first three years.

Also in terms of taxation: “As for tax administration, we should ensure the transition to a service model of interaction between fiscal authorities and taxpayers. The goal is not to punish, but to prevent. It is necessary to carry out a complete digitalization of tax control and reduce the forms of tax reporting by 30%. It is possible and necessary to reduce the total number of types of tax and other mandatory payments to the budget by at least 20%. Where there is no significant fiscal impact, they should be eliminated completely, the rest can be combined.” – said the President.

According to the President: “All the tasks outlined in the Address should be solved within three years, other specific deadlines will be determined for the most complicated ones.”