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The deadlines for the collection of arrears on payments to the budget and the deadlines for the execution of requirements by the Federal Tax Service have been extended

According to Resolution No. 500 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated March 29, 2023, the maximum deadlines for sending demands for payment of arrears and making decisions on the collection of arrears have been extended by 6 months.

In addition, the Federal Tax Service of Russia has published information on its website stating that the deadlines for executing requirements sent to taxpayers in April will be extended to 1 month (instead of 8 days). Before issuing demands to personal account users and those who interact with the Federal Tax Service through telecommunications channels, references will be sent with a breakdown of the total amount of debt by types of taxes and payment deadlines. This will allow taxpayers to compare their data with information from the tax authority and pay the debt if it is confirmed. For example, in case of an error, a correct notice of advance payments can be submitted or an application for tracing the payment can be filed. Decisions on collection will only be made upon confirmation of the correctness of the taxpayer's negative balance. Additionally, from January 1 to June 30, 2023, penalties will not be charged in cases where the taxpayer made mistakes when forming the notification of calculated taxes or did not send it at all.

Overview of legislation changes - March 2023

Overview of the most important legislation changes - March 2023
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How to pay dividends konsu legal financial consulting russia kazakhstan cis

How to pay dividends: requirements, procedures and documents

One of the main goals of creating a legal entity is to make a profit from its activities. However, in order to receive income in the form of dividends, it is not enough to have positive financial results, it is also necessary to resolve correctly the issue of formalizing their payment. In practice, quite often there are disputes concerning the procedure, timing and grounds for paying dividends. The most common of them are discussed in this article.Read more

Possibility of remote work abroad, procedure for paying personal income tax and insurance premiums

Possibility of remote work abroad, procedure for paying personal income tax and insurance premiums

In the remote work mode, the employee performs work outside the office, and interacts with the employer via the Internet. It does not matter how far from the location of the employer the place of work of the remote employee is located. There are no restrictions in this case, suggesting that the employee can work remotely while abroad.Read more

Vat on electronic services provided by foreign companies to russian customers konsu consulting

VAT on electronic services provided by foreign companies to Russian customers

Electronic services provided by foreign companies in Russia are subject to VAT. In order to exercise tax control over such transactions, the tax legislation provides for the obligation to tax register foreign organizations that are providers of electronic services or intermediaries involved in settlements.Read more

Negative net assets consequences for companies en konsu outsour

Negative net assets. Consequences for companies

If a company is unprofitable for several years, it might end up with negative net assets. We describe below the possible consequences of negative net assets.
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Foreign IT companies must officially register their presence in the Russian Federation

Except for some provisions, Federal Law No. 236-FZ dated July 1, 2021 On the Activities of Foreign Entities on the Internet in the Russian Federation (further “Law No. 236-FZ”).
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Personal income tax declaration for foreigners in Russia

We would like to remind you that the deadline for declaring personal income tax is April 15. Foreigners who have derived incomes for the work in Russia have to make sure that they make their declaration in a timely manner.
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Vat increase 20 what needs done en konsu outsourcing consulting

VAT increase up to 20%. What needs to be done?

The VAT rate will increase from 18% to 20% from January 01, 2019. Transactions (sale of services, goods or work performance) which used to be taxed at 18% will be taxed at 20% from January 01, 2019.Read more

Personal income tax for foreign employees in Russia

When foreign nationals start working in Russia, they are often baffled by the calculation of income tax because it is dependent on criteria such as the type of work permit (work permit for highly qualified specialists or regular work permit), tax status in Russia and tax status in foreign nationals’ country of origin. We have outlined below the particularities of personal income tax for foreign employees in Russia.Read more