The MF RK CGD is charged with monitoring and controlling repatriation of national and (or) foreign currency, working out information on alleged violations, carrying out documentary checks and other forms of currency control, the practice of bringing to responsibility for violations of the requirement to repatriate national and (or) foreign currency, as well as the terms of providing information and supporting documents on currency cases, including transfer to law enforcement agencies.

The Committee obtained access to information systems of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan to monitor export-import operations.

In 2024, it is planned to carry out preparatory work on the development of information system of the State Revenue Committee on currency control. Work is underway to automate processes, also working on the issue of further integration into the IS of the State Revenue Committee.

Currently in the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan are amendments to amendments and additions to the CAO in Articles 244, 244-1 and 251 “Violation of the procedure for obtaining an accounting number”, “Failure to provide or submission of information and (or) documents with violation of the established time” and “Failure to fulfill the requirement to repatriate national and (or) foreign currency”.