As of 20.02.2024, adjustments are made to the quota for the issuance of work permits and invitations for “visa” foreign nationals in 2024.

The changes are made by the Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia from 01.02.2024 N 37n “On Amendments to Annexes N 1 – 3 to the Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia from December 22, 2023 N 884n “On the distribution of quotas for the subjects of the Russian Federation approved by the Government of the Russian Federation for the year 2024 for the issuance of foreign citizens arriving in the Russian Federation on the basis of a visa, work permits and invitations to enter the Russian Federation in order to carry out labor activities”

In particular, the quota for issuance of work permits:

  • in Moscow city – increased to 5181 pieces (instead of 3255);
  • in the Moscow region – increased to 15041 (instead of 11250);
  • in St. Petersburg – increased to 3,488 units (instead of 2,408);
  • in the Leningrad Region – increased to 17585 units (instead of 15196).

The distribution of the quota for issuing work permits to “visa” foreigners by professional qualification groups has also been adjusted.

The quota for issuing invitations to “visa” foreigners has been increased accordingly in similar subjects of the Russian Federation.

The quota reserve for the RF accordingly decreased to 22066 instead of 51976.