Inventory services

Scheduled and unscheduled inventory services outsourced. We carry out:

  • Inventory of fixed assets
  • Inventory of property during sale, liquidation, bankruptcy and reorganization
  • Inventory of stocks
  • Arrangement of the internal control system
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Goals and objectives of the inventory

  • Confirmation of the availability, condition and evaluation of the assets and liabilities of the organization, carried out to ensure the reliability of book-keeping and management accounting data;
  • Control over the condition and safety of the organization's property, assets and liabilities;
  • Increasing the efficiency of property use;
  • Identification of losses and minimization of risks of theft;
  • Operational control over the state of receivables and payables to minimize the risk of loss of funds, timely identification of doubtful debts and risk management by suspending deliveries, payments, applying to court for recovery, etc.;
  • Exclusion of inefficient use of stocks;
  • Confirmation of financial indicators data for making operational and strategic decisions;
  • Reduction of management risks.

The following is subject to inventory:

  • Own property of the organization;
  • Property that does not belong to the organization, but is in its possession, use or disposal (leased, accepted for safekeeping, for processing, etc.);
  • All financial assets and liabilities.


We will suggest the right accounting scheme and help you choose or customize the software that best suits your business model

Extensive work experience

We apply our best practices, automation and work schemes, built on the basis of 28 years of experience working with different business areas

Risk elimination

We will find ways to reduce risks and optimize the financial burden of the organization, we will take on interaction with the tax authorities

Leading positions

Konsu is one of the leading consulting companies in Russia. We have been included in the following ratings of the rating agency Expert RA:

  • Top-10 in accounting outsourcing
  • Top-10 in payroll outsourcing
  • Top-15 in financial consulting
  • Top-15 in legal consulting

Types of inventory

  1. Voluntary, carried out by decision of the head within the framework of the internal control system.
  2. Mandatory, carried out in accordance with the law:
    • when transferring property for rent, in case of redemption, sale, as well as when transforming a state or municipal unitary enterprise;
    • before the preparation of annual financial statements;
    • when changing materially responsible persons;
    • upon detection of facts of abuse, theft or damage to the property;
    • in case of natural disaster, fire or other emergencies caused by extreme conditions;
    • in case of reorganization or liquidation of the company;
    • in other cases stipulated by the legislation.

Inventory process

  1. Preliminary procedures
    • Identification of materially responsible persons;
    • Analysis to ensure that all documents are reflected in the accounting;
    • Issuance of an order to conduct an inventory, having previously determined the list of objects to be inspected, deadlines, composition of the inventory commission;
    • Informing responsible persons about the termination of operations with the property under inventory at the time of the recount;
    • Preparation of inventory forms.
  1. Conducting inventory
    • Verification of the actual presence of objects by physical recalculation during the inventory of property;
    • Verification of the availability and correctness of the valuation of assets (IA, financial investments, etc.) by reconciling documents confirming the organization’s rights to these assets with accounting data;
    • Verification of the correctness and validity of the amounts of accounts payable to suppliers and contractors, obligations to repay loans and borrowings, debts to the budget for taxes and fees, to personnel for the payment of wages, estimated liabilities, etc. by reconciling with counterparties and checking documents confirming the existence of obligations or claims during the inventory of obligations.
  1. Recording the results of inventory.
  2. Reflection of the results of the inventory in accounting.

Konsu Services

  • We involve a team of professionals in inventory projects;
  • You receive reliable and independent data;
  • We help speed up the inventory process;
  • You save your time;
  • We promptly reveal the facts of theft, damage, regrading, reject, distortion of book-keeping and management accounting;
  • You prevent negative consequences and ensure the safety of assets;
  • We offer additional internal control procedures;
  • You get a risk management tool.

The cost of inventory services will depend on the number, complexity and specifics of the objects, as well as the range of the services rendered. Contact us to discuss the situation and get a quote.