Mandatory application fas 282023 inventory reissuance en konsu o (2)

Mandatory application of FAS 28/2023 "Inventory", Reissuance of electronic digital signatures by the Federal Tax Service

Mandatory application of FAS 28/2023 "Inventory"

By the order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation dated 13.01.2023, the new Federal Accounting Standard 28/2023 "Inventory" has been approved. Its mandatory application starts from 01.04.2025, and early implementation is also possible. We would like to remind you that starting from the financial statements for 2024, the mandatory application of FAS 14/2022 "Intangible Assets" instead of PBU 14/2007 is required.

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Corporate and annual financial statements by foreign companies operating in Russia

When foreign companies operating in Russia prepare their annual financial statements, they often have a tough time ensuring that internal corporate reports prepared according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) match those prepared according to Russian Accounting Standards (RAS). Depending on business operations, this problem may be resolved by either applying the accruals method or using BRIDGE Report.
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Does every company need a Chief Accountant?

For many years traditional Russian accounting was based on the model of “one company – one Chief Accountant”, this issue provokes many questions. That’s why we decided to answer a frequently asked question if every company needs a Chief Accountant.
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