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The arbitration clauses in contracts can be ignored if the chosen court is located in a state that has imposed sanctions against Russia

As the court of cassation pointed out in Resolution of the Commercial Court of the Far Eastern District dated December  26, 2022 in case No. A73-15265/2022 , a judicial dispute is subject to consideration in a Russian court if there are grounds to believe that the foreign court referred to in the contract will be unable to ensure a fair trial.Read more

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From March 1, 2023 Roskomnadzor will be able to ban data transfers abroad for organizations and companies that process personal data

From March 1, 2023, new rules will come into force, whereunder Roskomnadzor will be able to ban cross-border personal data transfers by personal data processors (Government Decree No. 24 dated 16.01.2023).Read more

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Review of the judicial practice of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation No. 2 (2022)

On October 12, 2022, the "Review of Judicial Practice of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation No. 2 (2022)" was published, approved by the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on October 12, 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the "Review").
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Expansion of the prosecutor's powers in the arbitration process

From October 18, 2022, amendments to the Commercial Procedural Code of the Russian Federation will come into force, according to which the powers of the prosecutor in the arbitration process will be expanded. [1] Read more

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Tax clause as a way of protecting property interests from counterparties’ unlawful actions

To meet the requirements of Article 54.1 of the Russian Tax Code, taxpayers must exercise “due diligence” when choosing counterparties. Tax risks will arise for companies if their counterparties violate tax law, so the Federal Tax Service recommends including a tax clause in contracts to reduce such risks.Read more

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Overview of Sanctions and Other Restrictions, as well as Legislative Easements and Measures of State Support for Business in Russia

In 2022, the conditions for doing business in Russia have changed significantly. A multitude of sanctions, restrictions, relaxations, and measures of state support are being implemented. The lawyers and tax consultants at Konsu have prepared an overview of the main changes. We constantly monitor the situation and add information about the changes as the relevant documents are adopted and come into force.
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Brief overview of mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for workers in Moscow

Based on the clarifications provided by Moscow Operation Headquarters and Rozpotrebnadzor, we provide an overview of compulsory immunization of workers in a number of industries (Moscow Chief Public Health Officer Order N 1 dated June 15, 2021 (as amended on June 23, 2021) for Preventive Vaccinations of Certain Groups of Individuals Based on Epidemic Evidence), an overview of how to calculate the percentage of vaccinated employees, whether it is possible to remove unvaccinated employees from work, and whether it is necessary to submit certificates of medical exemption.Read more

Declarations of special assessment of working conditions with no time limit

Although this was not necessary, many employers used to conduct a special assessment of working conditions every 5 years Read more

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How should legal entities work with self-employed?

Self-employed status

Self-employed individuals who work in any of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation are entitled to operate under a special tax treatment and apply professional income tax.Read more