From April 1, 2024, there is a list of cases in which the retail sale of goods subject to mandatory marking with means of identification is prohibited. For example, goods have been withdrawn from circulation, blocked or suspended for sale, or have an incorrect verification code.

Participants in the circulation of goods submit information to the labeling system in order to apply the ban (including requests for verification of labeling codes).

In order to fulfill the established requirements, the Ministry of Industry and Trade recommends:

1) to obtain an access key in the personal cabinet of the labeling information system to perform checks of labeled goods at the cash register before sale;

2) ensure the availability of cash register software compatible with the mode of prohibition of sales at the cash register. Updating of cash register software shall be performed by retailers independently or with the involvement of suppliers and (or) specialized organizations;

3) train cashiers on how to work with the no-sale mode at the cash register.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade reminded about penalties for violation of the requirement: for non-submission and (or) violation of the procedure and terms of submission to the information system of labeling information or submission of incomplete and (or) inaccurate information is provided for administrative responsibility in accordance with Article 15.12.1 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences in the form of a warning or imposition of an administrative fine on officials in the amount from one thousand to ten thousand RUB; on legal entities – from fifty thousand to one hundred thousand RUB.

Reference: Letter of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia from March 21, 2024 № PE-28030/28