1) Banks do not have the right to conduct operations, the implementation of which must be carried out only with the permission of the Government Commission. If such permission exists, the Bank shall have information about its publication, or a copy

2) The current restrictions on transactions stipulated by the Decrees of the President, exceeding RUB 10 mln per calendar month or the equivalent in foreign currency, shall apply, among other things, to payment through a letter of credit.

3) The current restrictions do not prohibit non-residents from repaying debt and interest to residents under loan agreements

4) Residents have the right to issue foreign currency loans to non-residents, if the non-resident is not a person from the country committing unfriendly acts.

5) A resident’s application for opening a type “C” account in the name of a non-resident may be submitted to any bank, and not only to the one in which the resident has an account.