The “360° Service” has been launched on the SME Corporation website: It allows small and medium-sized businesses to report violations of their rights during inspections and receive support.

Separate issues are considered in the areas of:

  1. Problems due to Covid restrictions;
  2. Control (supervisory) activities;
  3. Procurement. Action (inaction) of the customer;
  4. Microfinance organizations;
  5. Regional guarantee organizations;
  6. Support infrastructure;
  7. Guarantee support;
  8. Development institutions.

In addition, there is an opportunity to send an appeal on other issues by e-mail:

Sending a completed questionnaire is not an appeal of a citizen/legal entity, does not imply sending a reply to the sender and is not regulated by the Federal Law of 02.05.2006 No. 59-FZ “On the Procedure for Consideration of Appeals of Citizens of the Russian Federation”.

The term of consideration of appeals is up to 15 working days.

The result can be canceled inspections, paid obligations of customers and qualitatively rendered support.