Information on issued international passports will be automatically transmitted to the Federal Tax Service for the purpose of determining the tax and currency residence of individuals. From April 1 it will begin to be received from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The draft form of such information and the procedure for completing it have been published on by the Federal Tax Service. It is expected that the changes will come into force a month after the publication of the order, but not earlier than April 1.

Currently, the tax service is informed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs only about Russian passports. However, soon similar requirements will be introduced for international passports. In particular, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will report on the issuance of primary and additional passports, on their replacement, on changes in personal data, as well as on loss. If a new passport is issued, information will be sent to the Federal Tax Service within five days, and if it is lost – within three days from the date of filing an application on the loss of an individual (Clause 8.1 of Article 85 of the Tax Code).