Effective November 15, 2021, citizens (except those under 18 years of age) will be required to have one of the following documents in order to visit certain City facilities:

For citizens of the Russian Federation:

  • QR code from a special application of the State Services about receiving the second component or single component coronavirus vaccine;
  • a QR code from the same application stating that the person has had COVID-19 disease and no more than six months have passed since the date of recovery;
  • a certificate of medical exemption from the vaccine. This certificate must be issued by the medical commission of the medical organization where the patient is being monitored for the withdrawal disease.

For foreign citizens and stateless persons:

  • a document issued by an authorized medical organization confirming that they have received the first and/or second components of the vaccine or a single-component vaccine. At the same time, the Resolution of the Government of St. Petersburg does not specify which medical organizations are “authorized” to issue such a document, nor does it specify whether the introduction of a foreign vaccine is taken into account.

Restrictions are in place at the facilities:

  • marriage palaces during the solemnization of marriage;
  • museums and organizations engaged in exhibition activities;
  • swimming pools, fitness centers, as well as other organizations providing services in the field of physical culture and sports;
  • theaters, circuses, concert halls and cinemas;
  • facilities intended for entertainment and leisure activities.

Effective December 1, 2021, the following facilities will be affected by the same visitor admission requirements:

  • reception and accommodation in rest homes;
  • provision of catering services except for:

service, delivery of orders at home, to enterprises (organizations) and hotel rooms; in the territories of railway stations, airports; in the premises of enterprises (organizations) exclusively in respect of employees of the respective enterprises (organizations);

  • retail trade facilities, except for: pharmacy establishments, retail trade facilities for motor fuel, fueling stations for charging electric vehicles, retail trade facilities that do not have a sales area, as well as retail trade facilities for the sale of non-food essential goods* and (or) food products only,

*The list, approved by the order of the Government of the Russian Federation from 27.03.2020 N 762-r;

Other anticovidae measures are also in effect.


  • Resolution of the Government of St. Petersburg of 18.10.2021 N 766
  • Resolution of the Government of St. Petersburg of 13.03.2020 N 121 (ed. of 18.10.2021) “On measures to counteract the spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in St. Petersburg”.