Company liquidation in Kazakhstan

Legal support for company liquidation

Liquidation of a company is a simpler and faster way to terminate the operations of a company in Kazakhstan compared to bankruptcy, so companies often opt for this procedure. We offer a range of services for closing companies, filing accounts and settling all other issues:

  • Support of lawyers in labor and corporate law
  • Services of accountants, tax and financial consultants on correct completion of accounting transactions and settlements
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Company liquidation konsu

Company liquidation procedure

In practice, the initiation of liquidation proceedings means that the company will be subject to audit by the tax authorities and that its management will need to reach settlement agreements with creditors for the payment of all existing debts, even if the company’s own assets are insufficient for this purpose. The liquidation of a company is a multi-step process that involves the following steps:

  • Assessment of the company’s financial position (with the participation of representatives of the servicing bank);
  • verification of the company’s payment of taxes and contributions, as well as of the accounts filed by the company in previous periods;
  • commencement of the liquidation procedure, i.e. preparation of corporate documents required for this purpose, such as the resolution of the founders on the liquidation of the company and on the appointment of the liquidator/liquidation commission, relevant powers of attorney and other documents;
  • Publication of a notice of the commencement of liquidation in the mass media;
  • Passing audits organized by the tax authorities;
  • preparation of interim and final liquidation balance sheet documents;
  • closing of bank accounts;
  • transfer to the founders of the funds remaining on the bank accounts of the organization;
  • destruction of the seal (if any);
  • submission of documents for liquidation to the state authorities;
  • transfer of the relevant documents to the state archive or sending the documents to the founders.

We provide services at all stages of the company liquidation procedure.

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Legal and accounting support for company liquidation in Kazakhstan

We provide a full range of services for company liquidation and are ready to act on your behalf and in your interests at all stages of this procedure, from their beginning to full completion.

While our lawyers will prepare corporate and personnel documentation, fill in mandatory forms and negotiate with representatives of state authorities and company personnel, our accountants will be engaged in finalizing accounting operations, closing transaction passports in the currency control departments of banks and drawing up the interim and final liquidation balance sheet of the company.