Accounting recovery services in Kazakhstan

If accounting in your organization was carried out with violations of accounting and/or tax laws or was absent, then its restoration is required.
Organizations also order an accounting restoration service when it is necessary:

  • To bring accounting and tax records in line with the legislation to minimize tax risks
  • To prepare documents for tax audit
  • To demonstrate the financial solvency of the company in order to obtain loans or credits and to participate in the tender
  • To provide financial reports for audit during the due diligence procedure
  • To pass a tax audit upon liquidation of a legal entity
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Accounting recovery process

  • Before concluding a contract, our specialists study your business and offer the best option for cooperation
  • An express audit is carried out, as a result of which the relevance of restoring accounting is revealed, as well as the scope and cost of the service are determined
  • Restoration of accounting takes place on the basis of the results of an express audit using general procedures for the restoration of accounting in general or individual sections

Accounting restoration includes the following procedures:

1. Inventory of assets, liabilities and capital:

  • Tangible assets - by way of recalculation;
  • Intangible assets - by checking documents confirming the rights to own assets. If necessary, an independent appraiser is involved to determine the value of tangible and intangible assets.
  • Accounts payable and receivable - reconciliation of settlements with each counterparty;
  • Intra-group settlements - by request to the founders and other companies of the group;
  • Settlements with the budget - a request for an extract of transactions on settlements with the budget and a statement on the status of settlements on taxes and fees;
  • Authorized capital - on the basis of data from the state register.

Based on the results of inventories, primary documentation is restored and the identified deviations are reflected in the book-keeping and tax accounting.

  1. Verification of primary documents for compliance with legal requirements and internal local regulations;
  2. Analysis of tax accounting, verification of tax registers;
  3. Analysis of contracts for transactions.


  • Amendments to the accounting and accounting systems
  • Update of the order on accounting policy
  • Amendments to the primary accounting documents
  • Preparation and submission of revised tax returns

Identified deviations are recognized as the capital of the organization and are reflected in the financial statements as a result of the current year or as retained profit/loss.

Accounting recovery cost

The cost of recovery of accounting and documentation in your company will depend on the number and complexity of errors identified during the express audit, but it will always be much lower than the amount of possible fines and additional charges from government agencies for incorrect book-keeping and tax accounting.

Contact us to discuss your situation and calculate the cost of the project. We involve a team of specialists in accounting restoration projects to study your situation thoroughly and offer the best solution based on our many years of experience.

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