Currency control in Kazakhstan

Currency control is the examination of a financial transaction conducted by participants in foreign economic activity to ensure compliance with currency legislation. The main currency operations include:

  • Operations related to the transfer of ownership rights and other rights to currency values, as well as the use of currency values as a means of payment;
  • Import, transfer, and conversion of currency values into the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as export, transfer, and conversion of currency values out of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Transfer of currency values under trust management.

Violation of currency legislation by participants in foreign economic activity may result in administrative liability for officials and legal entities.

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Foreign trade currency control services

Our services for currency control of organizations engaged in foreign economic activity include:

  • Analysis of the contract for the presence of mandatory conditions stipulated by currency legislation.
  • Registration of the contract for the purposes of currency control at an authorized bank.
  • Submission of confirming documents to the bank within the timelines prescribed by legislation.
  • Preparation and submission of documents confirming transactions to the bank.
  • Preparation and submission of reports on currency operations to the bank.
  • Monitoring compliance with deadlines set by currency legislation.
  • Unlocking foreign currency.
  • Transfers of funds to non-residents.
  • Purchase and sale of foreign currency.

Our specialists have vast experience working with various banks, complex currency operations, and can promptly address requests of any complexity.

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