Development and correction of accounting policies of companies in Russia

  • Preparation of accounting policies from scratch for new companies
  • Preparation of up-to-date accounting policies for existing companies
  • Analyzing the existing accounting policy for compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation and the actual accounting policy
  • Adjustment and correction of accounting policies if necessary
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Why does a company need an accounting policy

An accounting policy is a document on the basis of which an organization carries out accounting. It sets out the methods of organizing document flow in an enterprise, the procedure for carrying out inventories, the system of registers to be used, and the options chosen by the company for recording transactions.

Auditors and tax inspectors start checking the company’s accounting policy. A properly drafted accounting policy allows you to immediately understand how professionally the accounting and tax accounting process is set up.

Properly designed accounting policies allow:

  • To be sure that the tax and accounting reports submitted are correct
  • Ensure correct accounting and tax accounting in the company
  • Optimize accounting workflows
  • Fix tax and accounting methods for situations in which the company has the right to choose
  • Minimize the risk of disputes with auditors and regulatory authorities
  • Simplify the process of transferring cases in case of change of responsible persons in the accounting department

Consequences of not having an accounting policy

  • For the absence of an accounting policy, the organization will be fined 200 rubles under paragraph 1 of Article 126 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation
  • Officials will incur a separate penalty - a fine of 300 to 500 roubles (Article 15.6 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation).

The cost of preparing accounting policy depends on the type of company’s activity, specifics of accounting and volume of business operations. Contact us to calculate the cost of the service.

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