01:47 1C for HR. Replacement of foreign ERP. Natalia Zhakova
02:50 HR functions in 1C:ZUP KORP – Planning, recruitment, adaptation, assessment, reserve
03:40 Personnel selection automation in 1C:ZUP
06:50 Candidate and position profile in 1C:ZUP
09:11 Stages of work with a candidate
10:50 Candidate evaluation
14:30 Employee training system in 1C:ZUP
16:20 Adaptation
17:41 Personnel reserve
18:33 KPIs and grades in 1C:ZUP
19:54 HR analytics in 1C:ZUP
23:26 Working in 1C:ZUP – Lifehacks – Marina Goncharenko
24:40 Customizing the section panel in 1C:ZUP
24:40 Setting report navigation in 1C:ZUP
29:10 Locking windows and working with multiple windows in 1C:ZUP
31:50 Setting reminders in 1C:ZUP
35:40 Email reminders in 1C:ZUP
40:20 Quick report settings in 1C:ZUP
43:50 Customizing report columns in 1C:ZUP
46:50 Useful tips on working in 1C:Accounting as process improvement – Anna Kluchka
47:45 Handy menu (favorites) in 1C:BP
50:45 Color marker
53:30 Copying document lines
55:05 Changing selected documents
59:15 Grouping documents in journals
1:01:07 Changing the scale
1:02:08 Referencing 1C objects
1:04:50 Comparing reports in 1C
1:09:40 Answers to questions
1:09:50 Can I send reminders to other users, not just 1C base users?
1:10:45 Can you tell me about turnover-salary settings for analyzing indicators?
1:12:24 The company is considering implementing a discussion service in 1C. Can Konsu implement this service and customize notifications about scheduled tasks for employees?


Date and time

15:00-16:45 MSK






MS Teams

Speakers & Topics

Natalia Zhakova

  • Team leader, business systems development group

1C for HR. Replacement of foreign ERP

  • Working with candidates
  • Integration with recruiting sites
  • Candidate funnels and other types of reports
  • Talent pool, etc.

Marina Goncharenko

  • Process and quality development manager

Work in 1C: Payroll & HRA

  • Customizing 1C:ZUP (Payroll & HRA) base for yourself
  • How not to forget anything with the help of reminders in 1C:ZUP (Payroll & HRA)
  • Tips for working with forms and reports

Tips & Tricks

  • Customizing the Section Panel
  • Setting report navigation
  • Locking windows and working with multiple windows
  • Customizing reminders
  • Reminders that arrive in the mail
  • Quick report settings
  • Report column settings

Anna Kluchka

  • Process and quality development manager

Useful tips on working in 1C: Accounting as process improvement

  • Managing numbers conveniently, quickly and easily!
  • Use the program to the maximum and minimize the time spent
  • Perform practical tasks confidently and professionally

Tips & Tricks

  • Convenient menu (favorites)
  • Color marker
  • Copying document lines
  • Changing selected documents, selection methods
  • Comparing reports
  • Grouping documents in journals
  • Scaling
  • Links to objects