Obligation for Russian tax residents to declare and pay personal income tax

The deadline for submitting personal income tax returns for 2022 on 3-NDFL form is May 2, 2023. Our tax consultants let you know to whom and when personal income tax returns should be submitted and describe the possible penalties for unintentional and deliberate failure to declare income and pay personal income tax.
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Reporting exchange rate losses profit tax declarations en konsu

Reporting exchange rate losses in profit tax declarations

For the period 2022-2024, a special procedure for accounting for exchange rate differences was introduced: exchange rate gains in 2022-2024 and exchange rate losses in 2023-2024 should only be accounted for as soon as the relevant claims (liabilities) are terminated (fulfilled) [i].Read more

Personal income tax declaration for foreigners in Russia

We would like to remind you that the deadline for declaring personal income tax is April 15. Foreigners who have derived incomes for the work in Russia have to make sure that they make their declaration in a timely manner.
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Vat increase 20 what needs done en konsu outsourcing consulting

VAT increase up to 20%. What needs to be done?

The VAT rate will increase from 18% to 20% from January 01, 2019. Transactions (sale of services, goods or work performance) which used to be taxed at 18% will be taxed at 20% from January 01, 2019.Read more