Localization of IT infrastructure: advantages, disadvantages, nuances and possible risks

In this article we will consider key aspects of IT infrastructure localization, including migration of components, services, nuances of using Russian software, risks and examples of import substitution.
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Risks of acquisition and use of databases containing personal data of potential customers

It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to consider using databases of potential customers in their commercial activities. There are many different offers on the market to buy and sell databases of personal data, but when buying them, it is worth considering the legislation on personal data and its application to the buyer of such data. Let us consider the main problems that a buyer of personal data bases may face.
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Participation the conference business relocation en konsu outsou

Participation in the conference "Business Relocation" organized by the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce

Alexander Moskaltsov, Head of IT Infrastructure at Konsu, spoke at the AHK Russland conference "Business relocation" organized as part of the AHK Business-Update project. The topic of his presentation was "Office in Kazakhstan: IT Aspects of Service Migration." Alexander shared Konsu's experience in starting operations in Kazakhstan, covering the following points:
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Transition from jira ticket management service the local en kons

Transition from Jira ticket management service to the local alternative – Planfix

Company Konsu used the Jira ticket management system, but in 2022 was forced to quickly find and implement a replacement due to the cessation of service. In our article, we talk about the selection process and the results of the replacement.
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Konsu secures its services and the data of customers (vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 in the library Apache Log4j)

At Konsu, the security of personal and other customer data is our primary priority. Due to a global data security vulnerability (log4j vulnerability CVE-2021-44228), we have taken measures to secure all customer data.

None of Konsu’s or our customers data has been compromised. Konsu invests in data security and our observation capabilities are in line with good practice.

The services that were temporarily closed as a precaution have been updated and restored to normal use. Konsu's information security experts will continue to monitor the matter closely and take the necessary countermeasures.

This vulnerability affects millions of companies around the globe. To ensure the best data security, always update the systems your company uses to the latest version. If you know that your company uses services that are affected by the vulnerability, please ensure from the vendor that they are updated.

See more information, for example on Finland’s National Cyber Security Centre’s alert.